In Today:

I told the story about a very old friend and even though nothing about the story changed I realized I wasn’t the only victim. Today I finally understood what the 16 year-old version of me couldn’t: sometimes I’m not the best I can be. 

Today, when presented with a choice to say what was on my mind or to let it rest I picked the latter because of 16 year-old me. 

I’m not always going to say the right thing or admit to moments when I am wrong, and I’m not going to stop being frustrated with all of it, but it counts for something when I can reflect on it all and become wiser. 

In today I talked a lot about friends, past and present, to my best friends and in a weird way I got closer to them: my best friends past and present. 

I don’t ever want to be like 16 year-old me, thank you time for only moving forward, and thank you today for all the realizations. 

954 days ago you kissed me. 

549 days ago I told you to go away. 

251 days ago you feel for my little game. 

today I spent a lot of time thinking about you. reading my poems, post, and entries on the past. I can’t shake you some days. why do I still dream about you? why, if I had the chance would I let you in? why can’t you change? People can’t change. 

you’re never going to stop being slightly pig headed, arrogant, and foolish. as well as weird, uncomfortable, and cute in the most endearing way possible. just like I’m not going to change my thinking, and wishing, but all while knowing that this is what is best. 

things aren’t going to change. you, Me, or the past. 

Can you name off all the Dwarves without consulting a reference source?

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Someone close to me posted the most horrible thing about the shooting today. It was one of the most tragic images from today with a tag line that made a joke out of it. I refuse to pass along the picture because it is horrific.

I am hurt for humanity that this is something someone can make a joke about. People, children died today. No one should be laughing. You, sir, are sick and an asshole.